Anti Bullying Program

In today’s world, we know your children face many obstacles in our schools, playing sports and other social gatherings. As parents, you can’t always there to protect them from danger.

When children are being bullied, they lose their sense of pride, dignity and respect for themselves. They they can lose interest in school and cause their grade levels to drop. It is important to recognize the signs of bullying in your child and get help for them immediately. Children should not have to walk and hide in fear.

At Black Tigers Taekwondo, we teach our students how to recognize danger and provide them with the skills to protect themselves. We show them how not to become a target of bullies.

Our students walk with confidence and feel much more secure knowing they can defend themselves from danger.


Meaning of Tae-Kwon-Do


In the Korean language, TAE (태) means “to strike with a foot; KWON (권) means “to strike with a fist”; DO (도) means “the way”. So translated the meaning of Tae-Kwon-Do is the “THE WAY OF THE HAND AND FOOT.”

Master Seung’s Winnipeg branch hosts an annual martial arts tournament called the “Hwarang Taekwondo Games”. During the games, students can compete for medals in sparring and, or, pattern competitions.

Black Tigers Taekwondo Belt Structure

White Belt
Yellow Belt
Orange Belt

Light Green Belt
Green Belt
Purple Belt
Brown Belt

Blue Belt
Red Belt

Dan Bo Belt
Black Belt 검은 색 벨트
(geom-eun saeg belteu)


World Taekwondo Federation Canada


World Taekwondo Federation Canada :

Kukkiwon Official Web Site :



Pricing/ Rates:

The monthly rate for martial art lessons at Black Tigers Taekwondo is reasonably priced. We have much lower rates then most schools because we want everyone to be able to experience the Korean Martial Art of Taekwondo.

Single Student:
$50 dollars per month. (Adult and Youth)

Family Rate:
The Family Rate is only $75 dollars per month. That is the same price regardless of how many family members join the school. In order to qualify for the rate, all family members must reside in the same residence. Proof of residence will be requested.


Little Kicker Program:

If your child is between the ages of 4 and 6 years old and you would like to take Taekwondo lessons, we offer a Little Kicker Program. The program is 30 minutes in duration. It allows your child to be able to learn martial arts and team building in a controlled and safe environment. The fee for the Little Kicker Program is $25 dollars per month. No uniforms are required for this program.

Promotion Rate:

When the student is ready to advance to the next colour belt level, there will be a promotion test. The student must demonstrate their pattern and show confidence in their skills.

If the student would like to challenge the promotion process and “double promote” belt levels, they can request permission from the Head Instructor.

The promotion fee is only $25 dollars per student, and per promotion level.

The family rate is $35 dollars per family, and per promotion level.

Black Belt Testing

All Black Belt testing is done by Master Seung. Our students will receive Kukkiwan Certification if they are successful in completing the examination requirements.

The cost for the Black Belt promotion is different then the cost of regular colour belt promotion fees.

Private Instruction:

Private Instruction is available upon request for a fee of $25 dollars per hour. The instructor will come to your home and provide you with one on one martial art lessons. There is a minimum of two (2) hours for private instruction lessons.


Taekwondo uniforms are available through the our school. The price for each uniform is $65 dollars.

Black Belt Uniforms are $100 dollars each.


Eventually you will require sparring equipment for training in class and to compete in tournaments.

Contact our branch Instructor, Mark Chornley for your uniform and sparring equipment needs. We have friendly knowledgeable staff that will provide you with answers to your questions and help you find the right equipment to support your specialized training needs.