Master Seung

Head instructor at Black Tigers TaeKwonDo

Master S.G Seung, a Korean native and 5th degree TaeKwonDo Black Belt, is the head instructor at Black Tigers TaeKwonDo. He is aware not only of the techniques of TaeKwonDo, but also the martial arts philosophy that embodies courtesy, patience and respect.

Master Seung has a natural affinity with children and they respond to him with a real desire to learn and improve their skills. Throughout their time in the school, the children learn not only TaeKwonDo techniques and physical training, Master Seung teaches them the significance and meaning behind the underlying philosophies of the martial arts lifestyle.




Instructor at Black Tigers TaeKwonDo

Michael Seung – a Korean native, has been practicing TaeKwonDo from a very young age directly under the guidance of head instructor of Black Tigers TaeKwonDo, Master S.G Seung.