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Flexible Schedules, Open 7 days per week



Flexible Schedules, Open 7 days per week


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Master Seung: Master S.G Seung, a Korean native and 5th degree TaeKwonDo Black Belt, is the head instructor at Black Tigers TaeKwonDo. He is aware not only of the techniques of TaeKwonDo, but also the martial arts philosophy that embodies courtesy, patience and respect.

School Oath: When I can't do it, I shall persevere until I can. When I lose, I shall persevere until I win. When I don't understand, I shall persevere until I do understand.

TKD Essence: TaeKwonDo is a Korean based martial art that has spread around the world. It had its origin in the distant past and grew from different sources. Its present form was established in the early 1950’s. There is a strong base in both the United States and Canada.

TKD Definitions: TaeKwonDo is a martial art that teaches the student, techniques for defense and offense without the use of weapons. TaeKwonDo teaches the student to use his or her hands and feet in any defensive situation.

TKD Belts: White Belt Represents purity. The innocence of an individual about the art itself and about the specific system that each particular Master teaches. It represents the open-mindedness that a student must have to learn anything new; to be able to understand the myriad of complexities of daily life. The white belt is symbolic of an empty cup that has nothing in it but is always ready and able to receive.



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