Finding a fun and exciting sport for the entire family to participate in is not difficult when you sign up for family taekwondo classes in Burlington at Master Seung’s Taekwondo. We offer a variety of family class options to fit with the age of your children. Each of our Burlington family taekwondo classes are customized based on your needs and requirements. We allow everyone in your family to learn at their own pace as they develop the essential taekwondo skills.

Part of Master Seung’s family taekwondo classes is incorporating various elements of taekwondo as part of regular classes. These elements are a valuable and essential part of properly developing taekwondo skills and include:

  • Poomse: This is learning techniques in a systematic step by step system as you and your family develops your taekwondo abilities and skills. Poomse starts with very simply and easy patterns and advances to intermediate and more complex ones when the instructor feels you are ready to advance to the next step.

  • Kyukpa: This is an advanced technique taught to high level Poom, Gup, or Dan belt holders used for self-measuring the precision of your offensive taekwondo training. It involves the careful balance of power, concentration, and strength by focusing movements and breaking solid objects, such as bricks and boards.

  • Gyoroogi: This is another systematic series of taekwondo techniques which allows families the ability to practice and apply the defensive and offensive techniques previously learned through Poomse by sparring with one another. Gyoroogi sparring incorporates systematic step sparring forms as well as free-from sparring.

  • Competition: Participating in competition is an ideal way to pair off against another player, whether it is one of your family members or someone else and apply your taekwondo training in an actual competitive event. There are specific rules that must always be adhered to during competitive taekwondo events.

  • Training: Training is conducted in the Dojang, or training school at Master Seung’s Taekwondo. All students start at the beginner’s level with their white belts. As students develop both mental and physical abilities required in taekwondo they may take a test, with their instructor’s approval, to determine whether they process the required skills to receive the next belt status.

Master Seung continuously reinforces the importance of family and family values through his Burlington family taekwondo classes. Families are able to train together in the Dojang with their instructor as they learn the importance of encouragement and mutual respect and how it is an essential part of taekwondo. Families also have the option of putting their new taekwondo abilities and training to use in supervised sparring events with your loved ones. This is an excellent way for families to relieve stress while fostering family spirit in a high energy competitive and healthy workout.

Master Seung’s Taekwondo even offers family taekwondo classes in Burlington for those looking for a complete workout program. This program allows children to train in the Dojang while their parents workout in our gym. For more information about our family taekwondo programs available at our Burlington branches, contact us now at 905-803-1079.